For my final project, I decided to build a word cloud based off of a specific topic that stuck with me the most through out this semester, which happened to be the terms and conditions. I decided to take direct quotes from multiple different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter in order to create a word cloud. My whole life, I had never been one to read the terms and conditions. I always just mindlessly clicked agree with out thinking twice about what information I was agreeing too. I even found it annoying when websites or apps would make me scroll all the way to the bottom of the terms and conditions before I could click agree. I am now realizing how big of a problem this is for society. I am not the only individual who ignores the terms and condition, I am one of thousands who do it. Even after our class was required to read the terms and conditions, and many were disgusted with what they found, most of my classmates even claimed how there was still too much of a desire and need to still interact and use those apps. These apps have the ability to control what we do, what we see, who we interact with all by using and analyzing our personal data and many of us were shocked to find that out. Yet these sites aren’t hiding what they are doing from us, it’s not a secret, it’s actually clearly written in the terms and conditions.

I think my word cloud really emphasizes the scary reality of what we are accepting within these terms and conditions.